Tax-free Shopping Guide

Floor Guide

Category Shops & Items Shops exempt from tax-free deduction Facilities
8th Events Space
7th Restaurants, BOOKOFF Restaurants, BOOKOFF (Books, Games, Music) BOOKOFF, Kaiunkan, Restaurants WC
6th BOOKOFF, Japanese Dresses (Kimonos), Beauty, Knick Knacks BOOKOFF (Fashion), Japanese Dresses (Kimonos), 100 Yen Shop, Beauty Salon BOOKOFF, Elleseine WC
5th Menswear, Sports, Travel Goods Menswear, Murasaki Sports, Ishii Sports Ishii Sports WC
4th Womenswear, Jewellery, Bedding, Homewares Womenswear, Kitchenware, Handicrafts, Bedding WC
3rd Womenswear, Café Café, Womenswear, Ladies’ underwear Café WCBaby room
2nd Womenswear, H&M H&M(Menswear, Womenswear, Childrenswear), Womenswear H&M, Art Gallery WC
1st Beauty, Women Accessories Beauty(Cosmetics), Women Shoes/Bags/Fashion Accessories Itomameten, Restaurants/Café Tax-Free counterInformation counter
B1 Food Foods, Sweets, Breads, Souvenirs, Liquor
B2 Underwear, Womenswear Underwear, Pajamas, Walking Sticks, Womenswear, Massage Temomin  
  • ToiletsToilets
  • Baby Changing RoomBaby Changing Room
  • Tax-Free CounterTax-Free Counter
  • Information DeskInformation Desk

【Opening Hours】10:00-20:00


Tax-Free Counter, Information Desk (Wheelchair, Baby Carriage) - At the center of the 1st floor

Credit Cards Accepted - Visa, Amex, UC, JCB, Diners, Credit Saison

How to Get a Tax Deduction

  • 1. Visit the Tax-Free Counter on the same shopping day.
    * The visitor should be the same person who purchased items.
  • 2. Show us the following items/documents:
    1. Items purchased 
    2. Passport of the person who purchased the items (with a valid entry stamp)
    3. Receipts (Handwritten receipts not accepted)
    4.Credit card (if purchased by credit card)
    *The names on the passport, credit card and receipts must be the same.
  • 3. Sign a purchaser’s approval document.
  • 4. Receive a cash refund equivalent to the amount of tax paid.
    *No charge for tax-free procedure.
  • 5. A proof of Tax-Free Purchases will be attached to your passport. Submit this to customs when leaving Japan.

Any tax-free consumable items you purchased will be sealed in a special tax-free purchase bag either at the point of purchase or at the Tax-Free Counter.
*The bag must be kept sealed until leaving Japan.

About the Tax-Free Procedure

Who is eligible
for a tax deduction?
  • Foreigners who have stayed in Japan for less than 6 months
  • Japanese passport holders residing abroad
    *The purchasing individual (deduction cannot be applied to any other persons)

Items eligible for a tax deduction

General Items
Shoes & Bags Watches
Clothing Homewares
Food Beverages

A tax deduction is not applicable for commercial purchases. * Not applicable to some shops

Eligible Spending

The total spending by the customer in our
department store within one day must be
more than 10,001 yen
(excluding tax).
The total spending by the customer
in our department store
within one day must be between
5,001 and 500,000 yen
(excluding tax).
The spending amount for eligibility for a tax deduction differs between general items and consumable items.
The amount spent on general items and consumable items is calculated respectively, and can not be added together to meet the tax deduction eligibility.


General items must be taken
out of Japan within 6 months
of entering the country.
Consumables must be taken out of Japan within 30 days of purchase.
The bag must be kept sealed
until leaving Japan.
Tax-free Shopping Guide


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